Radial Arm Saw

Radial Arm SawA radial arm saw is a tool used to cut long pieces of material. It has a circular saw that is mounted on a sliding horizontal arm, which can be configured to make other types of cuts. The radial arm saw also allows the blade to be turned parallel to the back fence to enable a rip cut to be done. Radial arm saws have the versatility of allowing you to perform several operations. It has adjustments that need to be aligned properly in order to ensure accurate cuts, including settings to tilt the motor so that it is 90 degrees to the table as shown on the scrollking. The arm can also swing and this too must be set to 90 degrees to the table’s fence. During operation, the machine vibrations can offset the settings, so that the saw needs to be checked occasionally if the arm is still square to the fence.

Before using a radial arm saw, make sure to read the instructions manual that came with it. Make sure that your radial arm saw is set up properly by the manufacturer’s recommendations so that you can learn the proper and safe use of your radial arm saw. Check the blade guard before operating the saw. It should be secured in place and make certain that the guard can easily be lifted while the saw is in operation, and goes back when released. Let the saw blade reach its maximum speed before beginning a cut. You must be in control on the speed of the cut, not the other way around.

Radial arm saw can cut pieces to length, in which most of the cuts are 90 degrees to the length of the piece or they can be cut at a 45 degree angle or other. Usually you can swing the arm to the right or left in order to make 45 degree miters. While radial arm saws are mainly crosscut saws, it can also be used for rip cuts, bevel cuts or miters, dadoes, rabbets, moldings, as well as cove cuts that are useful to make bowls and picture frames.

When doing a cross cut, set the depth of the blade just below the surface of the table. For dadoes and rabbets, it is as simple as a regular cross cut. Raise the blade away from the table and place stacked dadoes to the desired thickness. Cutting miters can be done up to 60 degrees, either left or right and for bevels, up to 90 degrees.

A radial arm saw is a great main component for any workshop. It is a highly versatile tool with functionalities that can aid you in performing precision cuts to wood, steel or on any material that you are working on. Find great deals for radial arm saws in power tool stores and avail of the advantages that comes with having this solid tool in your shed.