Hand held metal detector

Hand held metal detectorFinding metal objects have become easier with hand-held metal detectors. They can be used to explore metals, find weapons like guns and knives for security purposes or just finding metal studs on the wall. Metal detectors have the following parts: The control box has the microprocessor and batteries. The search coil works like an antenna to detect metal objects. The shaft connects the search coil to the control box. The stabilizer allows the gadget to remain stable while the person uses it from moving to one area to another. For handheld metal detectors, all of these parts are all in just one small gadget sometimes the shaft and stabilizer is omitted. Here are some hand-held metal detectors.

  1. Ceia PD140V Hand Held Metal Detector

A metal detector that is highly sensitive. This hand held metal detector is highly reliable and easy to use. It has a long battery life of 12 hours that is good for long outdoor activities. It has a built-in buzzer and shock resistant.

  1. Garrett Pro Pointer II

A good hand held metal detector that has an automatic tuning good for beginners. It has a LED light and a large power button making it easily operated even with gloves. It has a great location feature that identifies the edges and pinpoints large target edges.

  1. Whites Treasure Pro Metal Detector

The hand held metal detector that has a good ground balance and has more sensitivity to small targets. It’s lightweight and has a waterproof search coil to make your treasure hunting fun with any weather. It’s very flexible to use with its adjustable armrest and six search mode.

  1. Vibra-Probe 580 PinPointer Underwater Metal Detector

This handheld metal detector is waterproof so you can use it underwater, rain or mud. It has a pinpointer with tip only detection. Finding the target’s exact location is easier with it. It has no push button switches so you just need to point it upward to turn it on or off. It has a long battery life because of its one-minute automatic off feature.

Hand held metal detectors have made treasure hunting easier and more fun. They are more portable compared to other metal detectors out there. Since it’s lightweight, hand held detectors can even be used by kids and beginners for exploring metal minerals. It’s just a matter of choosing which one matches your needs in detecting metals.